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Sojourn: A Time Travel Romance

Can Love Transcend Time?

After escaping a toxic relationship, Keri Shore seeks solace through music. She never expected to find it through Sojourn, an ’80s rock band belting out stadium anthems and silky ballads. But there’s something inexplicable about the long-haired lead singer that touches her soul.

While working at her local stadium, Keri finds an old concert ticket to Sojourn, which transports her to that very show in 1986. As her life in another era collides with lead singer Nic Vonn, Keri must navigate her implausible circumstances and decide if her heart can trust again.

Nic Vonn wants to leave music—and love—forever. Fate has a different plan. When he invites Keri to play a song she’s been unable to finish for months, he completes her third verse, falls for her, and rekindles his love for music. But two broken hearts from different decades struggle to mend, even with fate’s incessant intervention.

Out Now - Short Stories

The Twenty-Fifth Magical Manuscript of Severence McGee

A disgraced wizard types his greatest failure into a triumphant story. Will Severence McGee finally catch the break he's been waiting for?

As Cold as the Witch's Hand

A lonely woodsman rescues a beautiful stranger from a snarling wolf. She rewards him with a single wish.